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Resales – Units available & prices

Las Brisas de Santa Fe has contracted with HelloVacay to market Las Brisas timeshares. Stay tuned for more information!

Annual Maintenance Fees

Las Brisas annual timeshare maintenance fees cover all expenses including property taxes, insurance, furniture, utilities, housekeeping, linens, firewood, management, etc. They amount to $82.86 per day for a 1 bedroom floating unit and $121.85 for a 2 bedroom. Fees subject to change.

Timeshare Sales – Las Brisas de Santa Fe
Residential Condominium Association

…A perfect blend of comfort and charm for your special stay in Santa Fe!

Inside, the condos are quintessential Santa Fe. Throughout, there are warm red saltillo tile floors, high vigas (round beamed) ceilings. A round, inviting kiva fireplace graces the spacious living room/dining room. The condos are beautifully decorated in antiques and Southwest-style furnishings, with an emphasis on comfort.

Las Brisas de Santa Fe is a “sold out” residential condominium association located approximately 8 blocks south of the historic plaza in downtown Santa Fe, New Mexico. It is composed of 29 luxury condominiums, 10 of which are timeshared into 510 intervals of one-week ownership each year running from Saturday at 3:00 p.m. (check in time) until Saturday at 10:00 a.m. (check out time).

The timeshares are affiliated with Resort Condominiums International (RCI). Las Brisas is in very high demand and has a very high exchange value through RCI. Over half of Las Brisas winter (“white”) time exchanges through RCI as summer (“red”) time. Membership in RCI is optional. You have to belong to trade your unit, but not to use it.

The timeshares at Las Brisas are a mixture of fixed intervals and floating intervals (see attached chart). Fixed intervals are those in which you get the same unit and same week each and every year. Floating units come in 4 types: 1 bedroom winter units, 2 bedroom winter units, 1 bedroom summer units, and 2 bedroom summer units. These allow you to choose a unit and a week on a first-come, first-served basis within your particular type. Fixed units ensure that you come to Las Brisas the same time and to the same unit every year. Floating units give you flexibility: perhaps a different time and different unit every year. Both types are deeded, fee simple units. These are owned, not leased.