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December 4, 2019

Benefits of Vacation Rentals

When it comes to vacation rentals, there are innumerable choices but if you wish to vacation with friends and/or family then consider the value of staying at Las Brisas de Santa Fe would bring.

Here are some of the key benefits of vacation rentals at Las Brisas:

Home-like Environment

All the comforts of home. You can sleep in, see the sights, and return to your “home away from home” whenever you like. If you’re feeling tired, you can rest and recuperate in a comfortable environment. You have space to sprawl out, comfortable living rooms, multiple bedrooms, etc.

benefits of vacation rentals in las brisas de santa fe

More Space

This is a huge benefit of the vacation rental.  Vacation rentals have more square footage per person than do hotel rooms or even most bed and breakfast inns. If you’re traveling with a large group or another couple, you’ll have plenty of space if you select the right adobe rental.


At Las Brisas, you have private gardens and private entrances. This means there’s no need to walk through the lobby every time you return to your adobe rental.


One of the benefits of vacation rentals is the kitchen and outdoor grill space at Las Brisas. You can buy and cook your own food, which is not only convenient and tailored to your needs, but it’s also cost-effective. Las Brisas is close to local grocery stores, and think of all the money saved by doing so.


Whether you are planning to travel alone or with family or friends for a holiday trip, a vacation rental at Las Brisas will make it a memorable one. Enjoy the incredible convenience of being located in downtown Santa Fe where everything is walkable.

Las Brisas de Santa Fe is premier property management for vacation rentals in Santa Fe that offers short-term and long-term adobe rentals. We are the best-kept secret in Santa Fe!

For rates and availability, contact us at (505) 982-6231

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