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Las Brisas de Santa Fe is affiliated with a number of Timeshare Exchange Programs so that you have the ability to trade your Santa Fe location to almost anywhere in the world. Should you decide to convert your Timeshare to one of the many point programs, you would just need to consult with them as to the value of your week, and the time of year you wish to make that trade.

Timeshare Exchanges

Club Interval Gold *NEW*

Membership: Club Interval Gold is now available for enrollment through Las Brisas. Contact (833) 774-4349 for Special Introductory Pricing!

  • Resorts Available: 3000 resorts, including Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, and Four Seasons
  • Additional benefits include up to 65% Priceline hotel bookings, exchange options at over 100,000 hotels, VIP concierge service and more!
  • Banking: Points are valid for 2 year after the deposited member week’s occupancy dates.
  • Phone: 866-763-7570
  • Location: 6262 Sunset Drive, Miami, FL 33143
  • Website:

San Francisco Exchange (SFX Preferred Resorts)

  • Membership: Gold: Free. A Diamond Exclusive membership upgrade is offered with many benefits. Often promotional fees as
    in $349 for 3 years. Allows Travel Store benefits ($1500 in travel savings credits, car rental, hotel stays, cruise
    savings etc.) and 3-year deposit credit as opposed to 2 years for Gold.
  • Resorts Available: Luxurious Five Star/Gold Crown Resorts, 1400 + resorts
  • Online Directory:
  • Exchange Fee: $149
  • Banking: Vacation 2 years after the start date of your week. Diamond Exclusive includes a 3-year deposit credit. Often bank your week and receive an additional bonus week in return. (2 for 1 program)
  • Location: 1900 North Loop Road, Alameda, CA 94502
  • Phone: 800.739.9969
  • Website:
  • eMail:

Trading Places International

  • Membership: Classic: Free, Prime: (Optional) $79
  • Resorts Available: Hundreds, also a resort management company.
  • Online Directory:
  • Exchange Fee: Classic: $149-$169, Prime: $124-$144
  • Banking: Deposits valid for 2 years with option to extend for a fee. Offers 2 for 1 program.
  • Location: 25510 Commercenter Drive, Lake Forest, CA 92630
  • Phone: 800.365.7617
  • Website:
  • eMail:

Trading Places Maui

  • Membership: None, and not affiliated with Trading Places International.
  • Resorts Available: Any resort deposited. Inventory mainly Hawaii and U.S. West Coast.
  • Online Directory:
  • Exchange Fee: $169-$189, payable when confirmed.
  • Banking: Two-year credit on deposits.
  • Location: 362 Huku Lii Place, Suite #207, Kihei, Maui, HI 97653
  • Phone: 800.345.7301
  • Website:
  • eMail:

Platinum Interchange

  • Membership: Free
  • Resorts Available: 1400 + worldwide resorts
  • Online Directory:
  • Exchange Fee: $129 domestic, $149 international, $99 for partial exchanges, 2 for 1 bonus offers.
  • Banking: Request exchange first, deposit last. Book exchange within 2 years of deposit.
  • Location: 4025 East La Palma Ave., Suite 101, Anaheim, CA 92807
  • Phone: 800.854.2324, 714.779.7900
  • Website:
  • eMail:


  • Membership: Free; Gold Advantage premium benefit available for $89 annually, giving 10% off on exchange fee + access to non-timeshare resorts at top destinations.
  • Resorts Available: Any resort deposited worldwide. Highlights England, New Zealand, Australia.
  • Online Directory:
  • Exchange Fee: $189 for both domestic and international.
  • Banking: Bank and save week with 3-year deposit credit.
  • Location: Headquarters: 9998 N. Michigan Rd., Carmel, Indiana 46032
  • Phone: 800.468.1799
  • eMail:


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Timeshare Exchange 101 by Judith Graves

“Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been.” –Dalai Lama


Vacation ownership offers you unparalleled flexibility and opportunity for affordable worldwide travel. Exchanging your timeshare expands your options to vacation anytime during the year, staying in condos, hotels (like Hilton, Disney, or Sol Melia), farmhouses, castles, villas with ocean or mountain views or situated within urban city life, and even cruise ships. Most importantly, exchange opens the door to explore a world of exciting destinations and adventure. Through international timeshare exchange networks, owners can trade their week(s) for comparable resorts around the world.

While many Las Brisas owners are extremely satisfied to enjoy “The City Different” for years and never take advantage of exchange, some owners buy vacation ownership specifically and purposefully for maximizing their travel options.

These exuberant exchange fans may rarely or never vacation at their home resort. They use their property as exchange currency, making it easy to vacation to worldwide destinations, sightseeing unknown territories, and savoring their fortune visiting hundreds of resorts and locales in a lifetime.
Las Brisas de Santa Fe is an authentic gem and beautifully located in high demand Santa Fe. These southwest styled townhouse condominiums are unique to the industry, which make it and historic Santa Fe desirable as an exchange property.

To take advantage of the exchange process, the Las Brisas owner would place his or her timeshare into an exchange company’s pool of resorts with weeks available for exchange. In turn, the Las Brisas owner would choose an available resort and preferable week from the pool. Each exchange company charges an exchange fee. If the resort of your dreams is not immediately available, timeshare exchange companies offer the added benefit of saving or banking vacation time in a reserve program for usage in a different year, within two or three years from the Las Brisas chosen or assigned week.

Owners at Las Brisas are incredibly lucky; every owner has membership into Interval International through 2022.

Interval International includes 3200 resorts in 80 countries. Resorts Condominiums International has 4500 resorts in 110 countries. We are a Silver Crown Resort with RCI. There is a required RCI membership fee to bank and exchange your week. Both companies offer a variety of exchange services: travel sites, car rental deals, hotels, tour packages, unit upgrades, restaurant certificates, and early check in. There are advantages to research the smaller exchange companies that do not have annual fees, too. You are billed the exchange fee upon securing the trade, not during the searching process. Oftentimes, a personal vacation counselor or travel concierge will help you navigate. Other travel services are also available. The Las Brisas owner is sometimes rewarded with two weeks of vacation for one. At the end of this article, popular exchange company options are listed.

Meanwhile, to find out where to travel when or when to go where, at the best possible value:

1. Deposit your timeshare week at Las Brisas by selecting a desirable week if owning a float week or communicate with the office team that you wish to deposit your fixed week.
2. Choose which timeshare exchange company to use. II, RCI or another? Check websites for procedures and inventory to see what fits your needs. My personal favorites are San Francisco Exchange (SFX) since it only offers upscale Five Star/Gold Crown Resorts. Sometimes SFX extends a two week for one-week bonus program upon deposit as does Platinum Interchange. Trading Places and Trading Places Maui have terrific Hawaiian, Mexican, U.S., Canadian, and Caribbean inventory. Dial an Exchange (DAE) offers any resort deposited accessible for exchange. With all companies, gift certificates are also available to gift a graduation, wedding, birthday, anniversary, or wine country weekend!
3. Narrow your options. A resort you like (where) must be available at the time you can go (when). Research and read the reviews of the resorts from different exchange companies. Often, there is an overlap; the same resorts will be offered, so select which company best suits you. TIP: Begin early. Make multiple requests within a range of weeks. If you wish to travel to Hawaii during high demand Christmas, pick several resorts on different islands. More choices result in a better chance of exchange.
4. Wait and watch. If you book for the future and conduct a continuing search, to be used up to 2 to 3 years from your deposit date, e-mails or personal phone contacts work well to assure the progress of your search. Remember, RCI requires that you pay your exchange fee upfront for an on-going search, after dues are paid, unless you are a Platinum Member. The smaller companies bill the exchange fee upon securing your desired resort and week, without a yearly dues fee.
5. A match! You find a week you like that becomes available. The when and where fit. Grab it! Dreams become possibilities and then reality. I have certainly enjoyed 32 years of ownership and exchanges, especially to some exceptional favorites and to name just a few in my endless adventures…the fabulous Ocho Cascadas in Puerto Vallarta, Pedregal in Cabo San Lucas, Hotel Park Hyatt in Spain, Astiti in Bali, Secrets in Costa Rica, Cairns Beach Resort in Australia, Edgewater in New Zealand, Art Suites in Puerto Rico, Bauer Palladio in Venice, Gemuender Ferienpark Salzberg in Germany, Marriott’s Bangkok Empire Place in Thailand, The Point at Poipu in Kauai, Embarc in Zihuantanejo, Mexico, St. Regis in Aspen, South Seas Captiva, Florida, and RiverPointe, Napa, CA.