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MARK YOUR CALENDARS FOR 2022 | Board of Directors Meetings

Saturday, May 7, 8 AM MT
Saturday, August 6, 8 AM MT
Saturday, November 5, Annual Meeting, 10 AM MT

NEWSLETTER: October 2021

From Judith Graves, Las Brisas Board of Directors President

As we are immersed into Fall, the glorious aspens in Santa Fe provide a kaleidoscope of adventures through yellow wonderlands.  I was just there, my home away from home at Las Brisas de Santa Fe, and thoroughly enjoyed a seven-week visit!  I was pleased to see that travel has returned with curious crowds exploring the Plaza, historical museums, array of art galleries, and the plethora of sizzling cuisine with the many restaurant choices.  Hikers and bicyclists were everywhere!  My long escape included the colorful Indian Market, the world class Opera, performances at the Lensic, the burning of the Zozobra, Fiesta de Santa Fe, several Santa Fe Cooking School Friday restaurant walks, and the Wine and Chile Fiesta.  Many of the events required proof of vaccination and mask wearing was required.  Call and check on your favorite restaurants as hours and days might have changed.

There are several new restaurants that I would highly recommend on your next visit to the City Different.  Pranzo Italian Grill has reopened at 321 Johnson Street.  Horno, a wonderful gastropub, is at 95 W. Marcy.  Dinner for Two (106 N. Guadalupe) offers great apps at half price inside or outside at the new patio adorned with heat lamps!  The landmark Casa Sena’s cuisine is now Mediterranean inspired and the Cantina, reopened as Club Legato, is a jazz club.  (125 E. Palace).  Chomp Food Hall has 7 food stalls and a wine bar, across from Radish and Rye, 505 Cerrillos.

As you are all aware, our beloved Santa Fe is steeped in history.  In keeping with the Southwestern spirit, the Santa Fe Railyard area, a cultural hub that offers commuter train service, leisure activities, a wonderful Farmer’s Market, an outdoor trail is now home to Bosque Brewing Company and Opuntia Café.  Time Magazine recently compiled a list of 100 of the World’s Greatest Places, which highlights extraordinary travel destinations of the world.  Opuntia Café was featured as new and exciting dining locale with an indoor drought tolerant garden.  Opuntia Café is directly across from the Violet Crown Cinemas. The Santa Fe Fat Tire Society, a mountain bike group, has created a new 5-mile loop at Galisteo Basin Preserve.

In the October issue of Travel and Leisure magazine, Santa Fe was honored as the 2nd best city in the United States.  So, please revisit your home away from home.  Vacations are an important part of our lives to refresh, reflect, and fulfill your dreams with a change of scenery, weather, experience new activities, or to return to a special place where we feel happy and free.


                                                                          Las Brisas News

This is a very exciting time for Las Brisas de Santa Fe.  I encourage all of you to attend the Annual Meeting by Zoom at 10 AM MT on Saturday, November 6.  Important information on the selection of new management for Las Brisas will be presented.  The log in information follows:

Join the Las Brisas de Santa Fe Annual Meeting by Zoom

Meeting ID: 359 024 8561                                                  Passcode: 895708


Gary Streets, Board Director and Transition Team writes an Update from the Transition Committee:

Last month you should have received an email detailing the search for a new property management company for Las Brisas de Santa Fe.

The Board of Directors is pleased to announce that the search has been completed and that VRI Americas was selected to lead Las Brisas into the future.  VRI Americas brings over 40 years of experience and knowledge to Las Brisas, managing over 135 resorts in the U.S. and Mexico.  They are a leader in their field.

The competition was keen, and Las Brisas was fortunate to have three national companies interested in managing our property.  All three visited Las Brisas in mid-August and all three submitted proposals.

The Board is confident that VRI Americas is the best for Las Brisas.  They will bring a highly skilled team in to manage our little gem in Santa Fe.  VRI will provide an active sales and rental program for the timeshares which will ensure a bright future.  In addition, we feel that VRI can make a timely and professional transition from The Rogers Company.

VRI is truly excited about being our partner.

We hope to have a contract with VRI Americas later this month and plan to begin the transition later in the year.


Las Brisas Landscape Project Update by Renée Meyers:

If you have been to Las Brisas de Santa Fe within the past few months, you have seen the benefits of your donated dollars toward the landscape project. To date, we have raised $6,665 ($5,540 from Timeshare owners and $1,125 from wholly owned owners), which has provided much clean-up in the front common areas, removal and replacement of the white rock, with the addition of new, native plants. Of course, we still need approximately $4,000 to complete the look in front of Units 1 thru 4 and to the back of the resort, but certainly appreciate everyone who has generously contributed to the fund.  We will continue to keep you posted on the progress into 2022.  If you wish to donate to our beautification project, please send your checks payable to: Landscape -Las Brisas to the address below.

Landscape-Las Brisas

P O Box 1770

Santa Fe, New Mexico 87504


Thank you.

Landscape Committee


Congratulations to our new Las Brisas owners and those of you that added to your existing timeshare portfolio:  Jeff Allen (West Chester, PA), Jeffrey and Sheila Farres (Block Island, RI), Doug and Teresa Richards (Wichita, KA), Sandi Kengen (Oceanside, CA), and Nancy Arnold (Lakeside, CA).  Chris and Sheri Danze (Fredericksburg, TX) will enjoy the timeshare experience through our right to use limited lease option arrangement.  We welcome each of you into our Las Brisas Family and hope that you have many years of special memories.

New Las Brisas Landscaping

                                                                 New Las Brisas Landscaping


Las Brisas Family Spotlight 

I asked John Creek, an actively engaged Las Brisas owner and a Time Share Advisory member, to share his thoughts about the timeshare experience and why they bought into Las Brisas de Santa Fe 20 years ago.  John writes:

First, let’s talk Timeshare in general.  Ownership of any week of timeshare is true ownership, just like you own your house or your automobile. All require ongoing maintenance and sometimes unexpected repairs.  Please think of the cost of keeping your home functional and your auto always ready for a good trip when you start thinking of your annual Timeshare Maintenance Fee. One week of timeshare ownership represents 1/51 of the ownership of a building that is identical to your owning your home.  Why 1/51?  Most Timeshare resorts only sell 51 of the 52 weeks per year so that one week can be devoted to annual maintenance of the unit that cannot be done during occupancy.  I have always thought this as a practical solution to significant repairs or maintenance.  Now, note that you are sharing the total expense of this ownership with 50 other families, which makes this much more cost effective.

Next, let’s talk about maintenance fees and why we must pay them just as you pay them for your home or auto.  For your home, every month you pay for the following in some manner: Electricity, Water, Natural Gas, Sewer Fee, Garbage Collection, Fire Insurance, Liability Insurance, Property Tax to State and Local authorities, maybe you buy some rose bushes for the front yard, maybe you resurface the driveway, maybe new carpet for the family room, etc.   As a homeowner, you are aware of all these expenses and YOU are the Board of Directors that must figure out how to pay all of this while still enjoying living in your wonderful home.  The Timeshare Board of Directors is precisely like you in their responsibility to figure out how to pay all the above and many more expenses that I left out.  One slight difference is that your Board does not have your personal salary, income, or investments to save money for “emergencies” so the Board must have what is called a “Reserve Fund” for unanticipated problems that arise.  At your home, you probably do this by virtue of a savings account or stock investments to handle any problems.  Your Board must create and maintain, as part of your maintenance fee, about 15% of the total income from these fees for the above “Emergencies”.

What happens if you decide you don’t want to pay or cannot pay your Maintenance Fees? Well, it is similar to your boss, or business, saying to you: “I cannot pay your salary this month!”  What do you do in this event?  That is exactly the position in which you place your Board Members if or when you may decide not to pay your fees.

Property ownership requires many things:  Pride of ownership is first, then commitment to that asset and its maintenance, responsibility for being financially capable to do all the above, and finally, enjoying the act of ownership.  There are many more, but I hope the analogy is clear that the purchase of Timeshare is identical to the purchase of your home.  All these things must be part of Timeshare Ownership just as a home or an auto.

To expand somewhat on the added benefits of Timeshare Ownership, have you considered paying a small fee to make yours a “Floating Week” so that you do not have to arrive for the same week each year?  This is a very good benefit and is available at most Resorts.  Do you know about and understand how great it is to “Exchange” your ownership week for another week almost anywhere in the World?  Renée and I have exchanged to Spain, Italy, Scotland, Caribbean Resorts and probably some I can’t remember.  Timeshare ownership allows you so much flexibility for vacations that are in a way prepaid.  Timeshare ownership, however, is not a financial investment.  It is an investment in FUN, MEMORIES, and VACATIONS that will perhaps FORCE you to take vacations anywhere in the World.

Now let’s look at the real costs of nightly expense in your Resort: LAS BRISAS DE SANTA FE.  The recent annual maintenance fees are $667 per year for one bedroom and $972 per year for two bedrooms.  This equates to $95 per night for the one bedroom and $139 per night for a two bedroom.  There is not a hotel room even close to this price in Santa Fe, and it will NOT have a full kitchen, living room, kiva fireplace, patio, washer/dryer, with one or two bathrooms.

I may be rambling on too much, but let’s mention “The Sunset Clause” briefly.  Our bylaws, via this clause, say that in 2040 we may choose not to be Timeshare anymore and we could sell to anyone who wants to buy our buildings.  Just this week, one of our wholly owned condos was listed for sale at $600,000.  Most units are quite similar and if you are an owner of one week, you own 1/51 of a potentially valued asset of $500,000 -$600,000.  How does this equate to “bricks and mortar” ownership?  1/51 X $550,000=$10,784.  This means on ‘Sunset Day”, if sold at today’s prices, your one week could generate a $10,000 gain for each week owned.  If we maintain our asset properly, think about the appreciation on that selling price from today.

I sincerely hope that I have defined Timeshare Ownership in a way you may have not imagined and in a way that makes you proud to own a little piece of heaven in Santa Fe, New Mexico called LAS BRISAS DE SANTA FE.

“Why We Bought Las Brisas Timeshare 20 Years Ago”

We have been Wyndham Vacation Resorts owners for some time and have educated ourselves about exchanges and the many other advantages of Timeshare Ownership.  We had visited Santa Fe regularly and stayed in fairly expensive hotels.  We also tried many times to trade or “Exchange” our Wyndham points into Santa Fe but were unsuccessful at accomplishing. The reason was simple once you really understand the Timeshare concept.  We found 4 Timeshare Resorts in Santa Fe, none of which we had ever visited other than online to see pictures:  Otra Vez, Campanillo Compound, Las Brisas, and Villas de Santa Fe.  Numerous attempts at exchanges to these very nice resorts continued to be unsuccessful.  Owners at all these resorts like/love and enjoy their week and the location so much, that they hardly ever deposit their week into an exchange company’s inventory to trade for something else.  Consequently, even our highly tradable Wyndham points could not get us into Santa Fe after many attempts at exchanges.  Consequently, upon deciding that we wanted to visit Santa Fe regularly for the rest of our lives, we looked at all four resorts and compared them to our expectations based on past experiences.  Las Brisas was the hands down winner in 2001 when we bought our first week.  We encountered, first a wonderful staff in Jerry and Elizabeth at Las Brisas, and a well-hidden beautiful set of buildings within walking distance from The Plaza in downtown Santa Fe.  The architecture of Las Brisas buildings was quite phenomenal to us.  Additionally, they are all very different from each other which made the “Floating Week” option a true “No Brainer” decision.  It embodied the best of Southwest culture and beauty to include the adobe walls of 18” thickness, Kiva fireplaces (real wood burning), southwest art on the walls and many other fascinating and wonderful features that took you back to times gone by, but you could still pretend to be in Old Mexico or Old Santa Fe right out of a movie set.  Within a year we bought another week, so we were definitely sold on the idea of Santa Fe and Las Brisas.  The concept of parking your car and walking to so many great restaurants, museums, historical sites, and the overall atmosphere of Old Town Santa Fe has proven to be permanent as a part of our lives for the entire 20 years.  While there are many old adobe buildings in Santa Fe, we feel nothing compares to “owning” a piece of the old southwest called Las Brisas de Santa Fe.  Our commitment is truly for the rest of our lives and our children have all visited here with us over the years.  Consequently, we feel that his particular INVESTMENT IN FUN has been very valuable to us and our family for perhaps more than one generation.

We still travel about 100 days each year to a lot of beautiful places via our other Timeshare Ownerships, but Las Brisas de Santa Fe is the most consistent and always a fun place to visit.  Like many OLD things, it doesn’t change very much, but always fascinates.  It is up to us as owners to keep it the way it is by good stewardship of maintenance and repairs that are commensurate with the original Architects achievements.  If you have not read about our creative Architect, please explore our website and enjoy the article concerning the history of our little piece of Santa Fe.  [, click About and Updates for the June 2021 newsletter]

Finally, we are believers in Las Brisas as is, and we are willing to work to keep it as Santa Fe authentic and as beautiful as when we first encountered this little gem.  We invite you to consider additional ownership and to recommend it to family or friends to experience the essence of Santa Fe, New Mexico, very significant to southwest history.

Thank you for reading and we do not mind if any of you would like to contact us via email with questions or comments.  Please write to for any information you may need about how to enjoy and utilize your timeshare INVESTMENT IN MEMORIES!!!!

Folks, I could not resist this recipe to conclude the Fall, 2021 newsletter.  Chips and Guacamole Grilled Cheese was created by San Francisco’s Laura Werlin, the country’s foremost expert on cheese.  She served this during the Rosé All Day Event at Restaurant Martin, the last day of the Wine and Chile Fiesta. The recipe makes 4 sandwiches.  Enjoy!!!

Tortilla chips are on the outside of the bread to give the sandwich its corn-like flavor.

8 slices bacon8 large tortilla chips (2 oz.)
4 T. butter, room temperature8 slices of sourdough bread
½ C. of guacamole4 oz. Colby Cheese, coarsely grated
4 oz. Monterey Jack, coarsely grated4 oz. goat cheese

Cook the bacon over medium heat until very crisp.  Drain the bacon on paper towels.  Remove the bacon fat from the pan, wiping with paper towels, and set aside to use for grilling the sandwiches.

To make the tortilla chip butter, place the chips in a food processor and process until the texture is fine, like sand.  Put the butter in a medium bowl and add the ground chips. With a fork, work the chips and butter together, until well mixed.  The mixture will be somewhat stiff.

Spread the butter mixture on 1 side of each slice of bread.  Place 4 slices, butter-chip mixture side down on your work surface.  Spread 2 T. of the guacamole on each slice of bread.  Follow with Colby and Monterey Jack cheeses.  Dot with small pieces of the goat cheese.  Finish by placing 2 bacon slices on each sandwich.  Top with remaining bread slices, buttered side up.

Heat a large nonstick skillet over medium heat for 2 minutes.  Put the sandwiches into the pan, cover and cook for 3-4 minutes, until the undersides are well browned.  Turn the sandwiches, pressing each one firmly with a spatula to compress the filling slightly.  Cover and cook for 2-3 minutes, until the undersides are well browned.  Turn the sandwiches once more, press firmly with the spatula again, cook for 1 minute, remove from the pan.  Let cool for 5 minutes.  Cut in half and serve.


1 ripe Hass avocado                                                        1 T. freshly squeezed lime juice

¼ t. kosher salt                                                               2 T. finely diced white onion

2 T. finely chopped fresh cilantro                              ½ fresh serrano chile

1 T. cored, seeded, diced Roma tomato

Mash avocado in a bowl and keep it slightly chunky. Stir in the remaining ingredients and let sit for 15 minutes for the flavors to meld.


Be sure to sign up for Facebook’s Las Brisas de Santa Fe Owners’ Group

Visit our Website…

Please join us for the Annual Meeting, 10 AM MT, Saturday, November 6, 2021.

Safe travels and the best to you, Judith Graves, Las Brisas Board of Directors President


From Judith Graves, Las Brisas Board of Directors President

Dear Las Brisas Family & Friends,

I want to wish everyone the best as we move into Summer 2021.  Hopefully, this newsletter finds you and your family happy and healthy.  It was a crazy 2020, and I want to thank the Board of Directors, the Committee members, and the Management Team for all their hard work and dedication for Las Brisas’s success.

There is a level of calm and comfort offered to our guests as our owners and new friends return and resume a pent-up demand for travel, new adventure, and more memories.  Fully vaccinated visitors are no longer required to wear a mask in either indoor or outdoor settings.  However, some businesses may still require a mask.  All individuals that are unvaccinated must follow mask guidelines in public settings.

The summer festivities will be in full swing as you reawaken your soul in Santa Fe.   The world class Santa Fe Opera reopens July 10 and runs through August 27.  (Masks required.)  The International Folk Art Market will return July 7-18 with timed entry and limited crowds.  (Masks required.)  The Spanish Market will be held July 24-25th on the historic Santa Fe Plaza and surrounding streets.  The 99th Annual Indian Market will return August 21-22, with unique art and sculpture. Tickets are required; $20 for Saturday and $15 for Sunday’s market.  The 30th Annual Wine and Chile Fiesta will be September 22-26.  The Grand Tasting is moving to Magers Field Park at the Fort Marcy Complex. Also, different this year, there will be 2 Grand Tastings featuring 90 wineries pouring tastes and 35 Santa Fe restaurants serving samples of their signature cuisine.  This 2-day tasting will limit the crowds to half the size of previous renditions with more space to move about and shorter lines.  (Tickets go on sale July 5.)

Also, the culinary tours have been reinstated.  ( The Santa Fe School of Cooking Restaurant Walk offers a variety of 5 restaurants (including the Cooking School) as you sample and meander the charming streets of the City Different.  As the oldest wine region in the country, 400 years, check out or visit Estrella del Norte Vineyards for a taste of award-winning wine.  Santa Fe Spirits provides a distillery tour, Thursdays through Saturdays at 1PM and 3 PM.  (

As you know, our beloved Santa Fe offers many secrets to be discovered and we welcome your return to the nation’s oldest state capital city.  The 400 + years of cultural fusion is stimulating for all, yet relaxing, educational, and diverse, with centuries old charm and modern touches.


Congratulations to new Las Brisas owners, Mara and Cesar Castro, Austin, TX and Jeff Spencer, Chillicothe, Ohio.  We welcome you to our Las Brisas de Santa Fe Family.

Our Spring into Summer Sale remains active.  Please contact me if you have relatives or friends that would be interested in purchasing a home away from home for those special memories or to inquire about our new term lease options.  (

Landscape Project Update…Thank you to all the owners who generously contributed to the landscape project!  With your support, we raised $5725 and completed much of Stage 1: adding new drought-tolerant plants, cleaning up many areas, and removing all the white rock from several beds.  While Stage 1 is the largest part of the project, there is still much to be done in the common areas of the whole owned condos and timeshare condos 1-5.  You should have received an update with photos outlining more detail about the project and requesting additional contributions.  If you did not receive it, please let us know so that we can forward the letter to you.  Remember that the initial proposal was close to $11,000, so if you have not contributed to this worthwhile project, please consider sending your donation to:  Landscape-Las Brisas, PO Box 1770, Santa Fe, NM 87504.

As stated in the last Las Brisas Newsletter, Jerry Rogers is retiring at the end of this year.  The Rogers Company will end its tenure as Manager of Las Brisas de Santa Fe at that time.  As a result, the Board of Directors has selected a transition team from its members to lead the effort to hire a new property management company.  The team has years of experience in business, contract and financial management, and has developed a plan to hire and transition to a new property management company as efficiently as possible.  Our plan is to make the transition as seamless as possible.  However, in the event that problems occur; we ask that you, the owners, bear with us through this transition period.  If you have any questions, please contact your Board of Directors.  Thank you!


Please enjoy the perspectives from an original Las Brisas Developer, Robert Rosenwald, now living in Scottsdale, AZ and creator (along with his wife, Barbara Peters) of Poisoned Pen Press, and Celia Bronson.  Celia is a Las Brisas original timeshare owner purchasing in 1979, currently active with our Timeshare Advisory Committee, and resides in Durango, CO.

Looking Back

I originally came to Santa Fe in the fall of 1965 to attend St. John’s College. After graduating in 1969 I spent a year commuting to UNM to do graduate work in mathematics and then spent a year teaching 8th grade math at De Vargas Junior High School. I may have the sequencing wrong, but I think that around 1971 I became licensed as a Realtor and then a year or two later Walter Drew and I started Adobe Corporation, a homebuilding and remodeling company which Walter took over exclusively a few years later.

I began working on Las Brisas de Santa Fe in the late 1970s—1978 or 1979—believing that a Timeshared condominium project was something that would satisfy many needs in Santa Fe. I saw it as helping those who wanted a bit of the Santa Fe lifestyle to acquire a vacation home without the responsibilities and problems associated with second-home ownership. I saw it as reducing the demand for whole-home ownership that was having an inflationary effect on the real estate market. And I saw it as a way to express my own love of Santa Fe architecture and design.

I hired a pair of young architects, Peter Allen, and someone I think named Kenneth something, to do the architectural work because I liked them and their sense of design. I hired Deena Mannick, a long-time friend who had recently left the business of painting restoration due to developing a serious allergy to the chemicals involved, to do the interior decoration. Deena, although she had no previous experience as an interior decorator, had a great sense of “Santa Fe Style” and I was certain that she’d do an outstanding job, which she did. I also remember commissioning my close friend Helen Hardin, a brilliant artist whose work I loved, to do a series of prints for the units.

The first units built were 1-5 followed by the 6 units on the other side of the driveway. I wanted the entire complex to look like old Santa Fe with vigas, latillas, saltillo tile floors, horno style fireplaces, and Talavera tiles in the bathrooms and kitchens. Since I personally love to cook, I wanted the kitchens to be fully equipped with high-end JennAir ranges and other appliances. I wanted them all to feel like a home that I’d want to live in and be furnished, decorated, and fitted out accordingly.

Sometime around 1981 I got my first life lesson in humility. I had succeeded in every previous venture I’d tried and was sure that Las Brisas would follow suit. When short-term interest rates reached 22% hubris led me to persist with the development which soon became unsustainable, and I was basically forced to sell and soon thereafter declared bankruptcy. Happily, my mother had bought several weeks in phase 1 which I inherited, and which have allowed me and my family to return annually to Santa Fe and Las Brisas to get my chile fix. Every time I come back, I look around and am proud of what I started and the way it has turned out. I hope others get as much pleasure.

Robert Rosenwald

Way Back When

Las Brisas de Santa Fe has been a fun part of my life for 42 years.  I fell in love with this place way back in 1979, when timeshares were a new concept.  I came to Las Brisas with a friend from Durango who was considering starting a timeshare in Durango, CO.   At the time, Las Brisas consisted of just the first five units.  I was extremely impressed that the units at Las Brisas were all built in traditional Santa Fe style, each with a unique floor plan, hand-carved beams, and kiva fireplaces, as well as a patio to enjoy the Santa Fe sun.   The décor was interesting, with posters from art museums and Native American artists, as well as original art by Native American artist Helen Hardin. What a find!

At the time, the developers were selling only fixed weeks.  The concept of float weeks came along later in the process.  As part of the promotion to get people to tour Las Brisas and purchase weeks, everyone who toured the property was entered into a drawing for a trip to Hawaii.   My husband and I entered the drawing and won.  We were in love with Las Brisas, so we asked if we could apply the value of the trip toward a week at Las Brisas.  They agreed, and we paid the balance of the purchase price in monthly installments.  Our friends also bought a unit, and thus began many fun-filled times at Las Brisas.

I was only 22 years old at the time, and all that Santa Fe held was new to me.  It was so much fun to explore Canyon Road, the art galleries, and to eat at the many great restaurants.  We very much looked forward to our one week in Santa Fe each year.  We made day trips to Rancho de Chimayo and Taos, among other locations.

There have been many magical moments at Las Brisas.  I love the smell of the pinon fires, seeing the first snowfall on the adobe walls in November, and observing the progress from five units to the current 29 units.  The landscaping has grown to mature trees now taller than the two-story units.

The area around Las Brisas has changed much in the passing years.  Back in the day, we would walk to Molly’s Kitchen for Mexican food.  Molly’s Kitchen (with their flocked wallpaper and turkey enchiladas) and a rough liquor store were on the corner of Paseo de Peralta and Cerrillos Road where Hotel Santa Fe now sits.

Since my initial purchase, I have sold my fixed week and now own two summer float weeks.  I love the flexibility of scheduling my time in Santa Fe at various times throughout the year.  Although I know that many timeshare owners exchange their weeks for time at locations around the world, I have never done that.  I have always come to my home away from home at Las Brisas.  Santa Fe is such an amazing city, and Las Brisas is such an amazing property so close to everything.

I love being part of the Las Brisas de Santa Fe family.

Celia Bronson 

For those of you that wish a taste of Santa Fe, here are some delightful, local recipes.

Gabriel’s Famous Guacamole (Exit 176, Highway 285)

2 medium avocados1 t. chopped onion
¼ t. chopped garlic2 t. chopped cilantro
¼ t. chopped jalapeno2 t. freshly squeezed lime juice
3 t. chopped tomatoSalt to taste

Dice avocados in 16 oz. molcajete bowl.  Add garlic and jalapeno, mashing mix with fork and spoon.  Add tomato, onion, and salt to taste.  Mix.  Sprinkle lime juice over top and add cilantro and stir.  Serve with fresh corn tortilla chips.

Norteño Margarita, The Margarita Trail, Coyote Rooftop Cantina (132 W. Water Street)

2 oz. Green Chile Infused Premium Silver Tequila

3 ½ oz. Fresh Lime Sweet and Sour

Shake all ingredients over ice and pour ingredients in a salted rim glass. (To infuse tequila:  Add 1 ½ C. Tequila to 1 Hatch green chile, stem removed and seeded in a glass jar.  Seal and let infuse for 24 hours.  Remove chile and strain tequila into a glass airtight container.)

Chocolate Chimayo Red Chile Soup by Chef Patrick Gharrity, former chef at La Casa Sena (125 E. Palace)

Raves from Lincoln, NE and CA to Puerto Vallarta!!!

1.5 L double cream½ t. Chimayo red chili powder
370 g. premium milk chocolate25 g. fresh whipped cream
85 g. Mexican chocolate, like Abuelita25 g. toasted pine nuts
25 g. ripe sliced strawberries

In a heavy bottom saucepan over medium low heat, heat the cream to 150 degrees F.  Set a glass bowl over the pot of cream.  Add chocolates, stirring until melted.  Add melted chocolate to warm cream and remove from heat.  Add chili powder and whisk until color is uniform, about 1 minute.  Transfer mixture to stainless steel bowl and chill in refrigerator for 2 hours, stirring every 30 minutes.  Serve, and garnish with fresh whipped cream, toasted pine nuts, and sliced fresh strawberries.Folks, if you should change your email, phone, or address, kindly let the office know any updates.  Be sure to join the Las Brisas de Santa Fe Owners’ Group on Facebook.Our next Board Meeting is Tuesday, August 3, 9 AM MT.We hope to see all of you at your home away from home, in the City Different, very soon.Judith Graves, Las Brisas Board of Directors President

NEWSLETTER: March 2021

From Judith Graves, Las Brisas Board of Directors President

Dear Las Brisas Family & Friends,

Despite COVID-19, we are experiencing a new wave and a reawakening.  Santa Fe is gradually easing restrictions and is opening for business. There is a glimmer of hope for the future.  2020 was difficult on so many levels.  My wish is that as conditions improve, a much-needed vacation will help restore normalcy to our lives.  I hope that you are excited about the prospect of travel and will make travel a priority.  Vacations allow us to reenergize.  You are all resilient, resourceful, and raring to explore.

Recently, indoor dining has returned.  As you know, Santa Fe is a food lover’s delight with a variety of culinary options to choose from.  Santa Fe School of Cooking has resumed their in-person classes accommodating up to 15 people.   State museums and historic sites have reopened with reduced capacity.  (New Mexico Museum of Art, the New Mexico History Museum/Palace of the Governors, the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture and Museum of International Folk Art)

Of course, steps from Las Brisas you can explore many of the City Different’s hidden charms by foot.  Santa Fe was established in 1608 and remains incredibly easy to navigate. Visit the New Mexico State Capitol, San Miguel Chapel, The Oldest House in the US, Loretto Chapel, La Fonda, Delgado House, Sena Plaza, St. Francis Cathedral, 109 East Palace Avenue (once a secret portal to the Manhattan Project), Canyon Road, The Plaza, the historic Railyard District, and the more than 250 galleries to search.  It is astonishing to see the city’s array of art, including traditional and contemporary painting, photography, pottery, sculpture, textiles and more.


Even with the obvious difficulties and unprecedented impact of Covid-19 in 2020, Las Brisas continued to brighten your home away from home.  Listed below are some of the refurbishments made this past year.

Portico entrance replacement
Condos 3, 20, 22, replaced water heaters
Condo 22, new sofa, new rugs and carpet
Condo 5, new furniture
Condo 19, new carpet
Condos 1-5 and 19-21, trim re-painted
Condos 3-4, viga beams removed, sealed and tiled
Condo 19, 6 windows replaced
Condo 10, front portal support beam replaced
Condo 21, 3 windows replaced
Condo 7, stucco and paint touch up
Condo 18, gate replaced beams and roof patch
Condo 25, bee removal, two incidences
Condo 16, tree trimmed Gomez+Acequia side
Condos 25, 30, replaced canale, repatched over leak
Refurbished all TS furniture, tung oil    Landscape lighting repaired
Condo 23, portico repatched, faucet + Talavera tile replaced, sheetrock replaced

The Landscape Committee

Renée Myers reports, “By now, you should have received a letter sharing information about the landscape beautification project for Las Brisas to begin in mid-March.  Your landscape committee has worked hard to identify a plan, secure several proposals from local nurseries, and select a competent company to get the job done. The plan is divided into three stages starting with the entrance and front condo areas, the office grounds then working to the back of the property.  As indicated in the letter, the work can only be done if we secure voluntary contributions from our owners.  There are no funds in the 2021 budget for any new native plants or clean-up of the property.

While we understand that 2020 has been a challenging year, we anticipate this year to improve due to the lifting of most travel restrictions to the state of New Mexico per the Governor’s office.  So, it is important to start the project now to add new plants and mulch in all areas, repair and replace the coyote fencing, and trim all existing plants and shrubs.  The project will be completed as funds are secured from you, the owners. 

If you have questions about the project, you can always give the board members a call, but we do hope that you will participate by sending your donation to:  Landscape-Las Brisas, PO Box 1770, Santa Fe, NM 87504.  If you did not receive the letter by either email or USPS, please let us know so that we can provide it for you. Thank you.”  To date, we have received $3050 in donations from our generous owners.


Jerry Rogers has recently expressed his interest in retiring.  He has had a phenomenal history with Las Brisas after the Rogers Company took over management in 1995. Locally, the Rogers Company assumed management of Otra Vez in 1988. Jerry is President and owner of the Rogers Company, Inc. which originally was a bank consulting company.  Prior to this, he was President and owner of First Interim Mortgage Corporation and President and owner of Tres Pinones Development Company, Inc.  His history includes fifteen years in banking.  He was Executive Vice President of New Mexico Federal Savings and Loan Association and President of First Northern Services, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of New Mexico Federal S&L and developer of Otra Vez on Galisteo Street. As you can see, we have been blessed with Jerry’s superb expertise.

Jerry is a native New Mexican and grandson of two Eastern New Mexico homesteading families from Lingo (population 49) and Bluitt, which is now a ghost town, just miles away from Buffalo Soldier Hill.  He was a high school basketball player for Portales High School (NM).  Jerry earned a BS in Economics, summa cum laude, from Eastern New Mexico University in 1967. In 1968, he received a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Denver with concentrations in marketing and management.  A distinguished graduate from the U.S. Air Force Officer Training School, and three years in the Air Force, Jerry reached the rank of Captain.  After an honorable discharge, he moved to Santa Fe in 1971.

With retirement pending on the horizon, Jerry plans to return to his roots in Portales.  He hopes to play golf daily on the 9-hole course where he first learned to play, enjoy cards with his surviving high school buddies, have $3 lunches at the senior center, flirt with the 70-year-old ladies, and perhaps have a drink or 2 of bourbon and water. Jerry swears he will throw his phone away and destroy his computer! He will move back to the barrio where he grew up, hoping to substitute teach at the neighborhood elementary school, improving his Spanish.  Most of all, he will have invaluable time to spend with his two daughters and four grandchildren.

As Jerry states so eloquently, “No way I can express my appreciation, respect, and love for Elizabeth Saffold, April Grettner, and Julian Alvarez for their dedication and loyalty to Las Brisas. Together the four of us have amassed about 70 years of Las Brisas experience.”


We are thrilled to welcome new members to our Las Brisas Family: Andrew Krieger and Armand Alfred.  Kurt and Nicole Christopher and Monica Garcia recently added to their existing Las Brisas portfolios. 


John R. Creek, a happy owner from Las Cruces and Alto, NM writes, “Our recent visit to Las Brisas brought our usual great memories of this enchanting condo in the heart of Santa Fe.  We stayed in our favorite, Unit 21, and it was, as always, beautiful, and well furnished.  In fact, a great rearrangement of the sunken living room was a very nice change.  It is walking distance to the Plaza and many, many great restaurants and shopping sites for the ladies.”

Matthew and Kristen Krieger, Castle Pines, CO purchased a 1-bedroom winter float in 2008 solely for exchange.  “It has been a wonderful vacation tool for our family. The trading power is great.  Starting about five years ago, we have always exchanged through SFX.  Before that, we used RCI. We love SFX, because of their high quality of resorts.  The week we have in Santa Fe has always been great for trading.  We often exchange our 1-week winter float for prime season 2-bedroom units, and sometimes better than that!  This has always been terrific for us with three kids, because we need two bedrooms to travel comfortably.  We also use the kitchens frequently when we travel to save money on food.  We are extremely happy with our Las Brisas unit.  We have thought about buying more.”  I think the Krieger’s have mastered the game of exchange to get the most out of their Las Brisas ownership.

Please take time and view our remaining Timeshare units that will be available for an upcoming Spring into Summer/Travel America Sale.  If you, your family, or friends are interested in more information about purchasing a Las Brisas Timeshare for usage in Santa Fe or for exchange, please contact me at  We will have a few units available for sale.

1- and 2-bedroom Summer Floats                                  1 – and 2-bedroom Winter Floats

Adobe 1, 1-bedroom, fixed weeks, weeks 3-5                        Adobe 2, 2-bedroom, fixed week, week 15

As you all know the benefits of our asset, the reasons you purchased a timeshare in the first place…the spaciousness to relax and recharge, the home away from home feel, the full kitchen that allows you to prepare meals for your family, the inviting kiva fireplace, the in-unit washer/dryer…are all the reasons that timeshare is the best way to travel, especially right now with upgraded cleaning protocols to help keep everyone safe. Plus, there are many options for exchange to traverse the world.  As a Las Brisas owner, Interval International membership is free through 2022, just one of the many exchange companies.  Another added benefit for owners is a 25% rental discount for bonus time.  There is a 50% rental discount if booking no more than 7 days prior to your arrival.

The City Different, as a unique destination, and the comfort of Las Brisa combined, offer high trading value (based on locale, supply, and demand).  

Santa Fe is an attractive location with rich culture and a diverse art community.  The city hosts abundant art markets and festivals, such as the International Folk-Art Market, Spanish Market, and the Indian Market.  The celebrated Santa Fe Opera Season will run from July 10 through August 17.  The Santa Fe Wine and Chile Fiesta offers amazing events featuring culinary artistry coupled with wines from around the world.  Cross country and downhill skiing, hiking trails less traveled, mountain biking, and white-water rafting are popular for all adventure seekers.  Rejuvenate and unwind at one of the world-class spas.  If you do not have an occasion to enjoy one of the city’s special events or simply visit to relax and refresh, please consider exchanging your week so that others will experience and fall in love with Santa Fe, just as you did.  Most importantly, share these appealing advantages, the affordability, and opportunities a Las Brisas ownership offers your family and friends in our beloved locale that you have embraced for your special memories.

  • Through March 16, 2021, Platinum Interchange ( is offering 3 weeks for 1 with 3 years to use your deposit. 1.800.854.2324, Promotion Code EB.
  • Through March 16, 2021, SFX is offering 2 weeks for 1, also. ( 1.800.739.9969

Travel and Leisure Magazine, the March issue, lists Santa Fe and New Mexico as one of 50 most romantic locales in the world.  “New Mexico is perfect for couples looking for natural beauty and cute towns.  Check out Chaco Canyon, or wander the historic streets of Santa Fe, stopping to dine at Geronimo, a restaurant built into an old-fashioned adobe home.  Also try Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort and Spa (reopening in 2021), which has mineral hot springs and a mountain backdrop.”

Remember to sign up for our Las Brisas de Santa Fe Owners’ Group on Facebook.

Future 2021 Zoom Meeting Dates and Our Annual Meeting are as follows:

Saturday, May 1, 8 AM MT

Tuesday, August 3, 9 AM MT

Saturday, November 6, 8 AM MT and 10 AM MT for the Las Brisas Annual Meeting

Gary Streets recently stepped has down from his role serving as Secretary.  Sally Kuhn has assumed the position through November 6, 2021.


Your Board of Directors for 2020-2021

Judith Graves, President                                       Julie Porter, Treasurer                  Renée Myers, Director

Mike Paque, Vice-President                                 Russ Waldo, Director

Sally Kuhn, Secretary                                             Gary Streets, Director

It is an honor and a privilege to be on the Board of Directors and serve as your Board’s President.  We have all weathered through nearly a year of the Covid-19 virus, a presidential election, and unrest in America.  It is time to thank all of you that keep Las Brisas running.  Thank you to a committed Board of Directors, committee members, and our management team. All of us hope to see you at your home away from home very soon.  Choose your travels carefully; you can still enjoy adventures! Review the most up to date information, so you can return to Santa Fe confidently. Be proactive. |

We all welcome your engagement. Keep in touch!


From Judith Graves, Las Brisas Board of Directors President

Dear Las Brisas Family & Friends,

Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday season.

This year, I will be raising a glass of Gruet in gratitude for the blessings I have received as well as the appreciation for the lessons I have learned from the challenges of this year. Most importantly, in hope and celebration of the brighter future that a New Year will bring. Cheers to you all!

As the Governor of New Mexico instituted more restrictions to “reset the battle against Covid 19,” there is a county-by-county Red to Green Framework permitting counties to operate under less restrictive public health measures when health metrics demonstrating the extent of the spread of the virus and test positivity with those counties are met.

Please check and for current updates and resources. Present restrictions that are being implemented in Santa Fe include: Limiting mass gatherings to five individuals, New Mexico State Parks are open to New Mexico residents for day use, masks are mandatory except when swimming, drinking, and eating. One thing that continues to remain constant in Santa Fe…sunny skies, fresh air, and wide-open spaces.


On the upbeat side, Las Brisas has completed our new Portico. Additionally, connecting beams between Adobe 3 and Adobe 4 were removed for safety precautions and replaced with an attractive tile border. The second phase of the timeshare window replacements was again delayed due to vendor furloughs, because of Covid 19. We are awaiting the new install date which should transpire by the end of January.

Las Brisas de Sata Fe Adobe Rentals for Christmas!

Las Brisas de Santa Fe Adobe Rentals for Christmas!


I know that all of you value your ownership. Las Brisas is a comfort zone, an escape during these remarkable times. Luckily, Las Brisas was not closed during 2020, as so many resort and vacation properties were. Our staff was incredibly careful preparing for the safety and health of our guests for their City Different enjoyment. There is a uniqueness to our timeshare ownership as a family community. Many of you have built relationships with other owners and team members. So continue to share the warmth of the holidays with us and we’ll ring in the New Year with Hope in our hearts. —Judith


After our recent Black Friday sale, we are happy to congratulate new members to the Las Brisas Family: Julika Barrett, Irene and Joe Solis, Teresa and Douglas Richards, Mary-Jean Paulita and Michelle Mathewson. Melissa Solis added to her existing portfolio.

We are all eagerly looking forward to resuming travel in 2021. Our valued members who lost the opportunity to vacation in 2020, hopefully will be able to do so in the new year. Our new campaign is See America and Travel to Santa Fe in 2021. If you have friends and family interested in purchasing a timeshare for Las Brisas usage or for exchange to see the world, we still have bargains available.

Please view our Timeshare Sales Special Pricing: If you are curious and wish more information, please contact me at
Interested in keeping up to date with Las Brisas? Sign on to our Facebook Las Brisas de Santa Fe Owners’ Group.

At our Annual Meeting in November, we had a phenomenally successful raffle. Those in attendance were so pleased that we will make this a new tradition. Our operating meeting dates and Annual Meeting for 2021 by Zoom format are:

Tuesday, February 9, 9 AM MT
Saturday, May 1, 8 AM MT
Tuesday, August 3, 9 AM MT
Saturday, November 6, 8 AM MT and 10 AM, MT Annual Meeting

Board Members for 2020-2021

Judith Graves, President
Russ Waldo, Director
Mike Paque, Vice-President
Sally Kuhn, Director
Gary Streets, Secretary
Renee Myers, Director
Julie Porter, Treasurer

NEWSLETTER: October 17, 2020

From Judith Graves, Las Brisas Board of Directors President

Dear Las Brisas Family & Friends,

Happy Fall Greetings from your home away from home. Nothing endures but change. (Heraclitus) With that, Santa Fe remains constant with sunny skies, fresh air, and wide-open spaces. October and November in Santa Fe is remarkable.

Temperatures drop and crowds dissipate. Revel in a gorgeous hike, indulge in delicious local cuisine, or tour our renowned museums. With so much history in one place, you could spend days learning about the storied art, culture, and architecture of the City Different.

Las Brisas de Santa Fe Fall 2020

Las Brisas de Santa Fe Fall 2020

During October choose from the Independent Film Festival or Studio Tours to the Whiskey Classic. If you are a fan of art, try the Georgia O’Keefe Museum. The New Mexico History Museum offers insight into the Land of Enchantment’s extensive and unique heritage.

Other museums worth visiting are the Nedra Matteucci Galleries, Prairie Dog Glass Blowing Studio inside Jackalope on Cerrillos Road, Liquid Glass, or Keshi, a co-op for Zuni arts and crafts on Don Gaspar. Museum of International Folk Art, Museum of Indian Arts and Culture, The Harrell House Bug Museum, the Wheelwright Museum of the American Indian, Palace of the Governors, New Mexico Museum of Art, Museum of Spanish Colonial Art, Site Santa Fe, and Rainbow Man are just a few to mention in this culturally rich city.

Monroe Gallery is a spectacular collection of photojournalism on Don Gaspar. The New Mexico CulturePass ($30) allows one visit to each state museum and historic site, 15 in all: (


Get ready for the Santa Fe Ski Season, which will tentatively open November 26 (through April). Hit the slopes and experience incredible views of the historic city from below the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Snuggle up next to your beautiful, Las Brisas kiva fireplace on a chilly night with a glass of wine or a great read, after spending the day exploring the town and surrounding mountains.


In the last newsletter, we encouraged family and friends to submit vacation photos or tell about their interesting travel experiences. Vicki and Mike Paque recently enjoyed Adobe 3 at Las Brisas for their fall visit. Vicki writes;

It was immediately clear that all had been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. Having a private, comfortable patio became important in keeping in line with the city’s social distancing guidelines, while relaxing and enjoying beautiful, sunny days….many shopping opportunities …and a majority of restaurants on the plaza and surrounding streets have added outdoor dining, creating a festive atmosphere.

Terry Richards, an RCI guest, writes that she and her husband enjoy the additional space and full kitchen as opposed to a hotel, “We love Las Brisas.” Terry shared photos of their 45th Anniversary trip last December and are returning to Las Brisas in late October.

Do you have extended family or friends that would be interested in visiting historic Santa Fe and Las Brisas, our hidden gem?

Every single month provides a unique adventure that includes an assortment of activities: wine tasting, award winning cuisine, abundant art, fabulous museums, opera, ballet, musical events, great walks, white water rafting, hiking, and so much more.  Las Brisas is an easy trek to the plaza, the city square gathering place.  We are all fortunate to enjoy a beautiful one or two-bedroom adobe in the City Different. Several of the advantages, as you know, are the cost-effective night’s stay compared to other choices and our fabulous trading power we have with the various exchange companies (review the exchange information on our website.)  Our free Gold Interval International membership through 2022, often offers two weeks for one in trade.

If you have interested family and friends and wish to share your travel secret, please ask them to refer to our website to view resort photos and detailed information:

Judith Graves


Covid & Other Updates


Thanks to April Grettner, from our Management Team, Las Brisas de Santa Fe has been deemed New Mexico Safe Certified. April, Elizabeth Saffold and Jerry Rogers were virtually trained in New Mexico’s Covid-Safe Practices to ensure our entire Las Brisas Family remains safe as New Mexico slowly reopens for business and pleasure. Please have confidence that Las Brisas is fully equipped to offer safe and responsible service in the Covid positive world we now live in. We are positioned as a leader in Safe Practices in Santa Fe and New Mexico.

Travel Safe and we will see you soon.
Judith Graves, BOD President

NEWSLETTER: August 26, 2020

From Judith Graves, Las Brisas Board of Directors President

Dear Las Brisas Family & Friends,

Hello. I hope that you are all well after this most unusual summer. As you are aware, Santa Fe’s annual events had to be postponed until 2021, from the Opera, Spanish and Indian Markets, International Folk Art Market, Albuquerque Balloon Fest, to most of the Wine and Chile activities. However, visitors continue to arrive by car to Santa Fe, as vacation travel has been reimagined.

Beautiful Santa Fe has been recognized as the number three city on the “Top 15 Cities in the United States” list in the 2020 Travel + Leisure’s World’s Best Awards in August.

Additionally, Ojo Caliente Mineral Spa Resort Santa Fe took the number two spot on the “Top 15 Domestic Spas” list. Ten Thousand Waves was also on the list. Santa Fe remains an incredibly unique and beloved locale. We welcome your return with open, but distant arms!

Covid Safe Las brisas de Santa Fe RentalsLas Brisas de Santa Fe has been deemed New Mexico Safe Certified. April, Elizabeth, and Jerry have all received certificates after their virtual training in New Mexico’s Covid-Safe Practices to ensure our Las Brisas Family remains safe as New Mexico slowly reopens for business and pleasure. As you return to your home away from home, be assured that Las Brisas is fully equipped to offer safe and responsible service in our Covid-positive world. We are a leader in Safe Practices in Santa Fe and New Mexico.


“The City Different” has captivated artists, writers, and chefs from around the world with its signature adobe architecture, Native-American influence, and its quirky charm. Santa Fe definitely has a creative, legendary food scene with a marriage of exciting flavors, mingling New Mexican, Spanish, Mediterranean, and Native-American. Eleven of Santa Fe’s wonderful restaurants won The Wine Spectator’s Award of Excellence: Sassella (225 Johnson) and Restaurant Martin, our neighboring restaurant. Also, celebrated are Luminaria, Il Piatto Italian Farmhouse Kitchen, Trattoria A Mano, Restaurant L’Olivier, Terra Cotta Wine Bistro, Red Sage, and Geronimo. La Casa Sena (named since 1992) and The Compound both won the Best of Award of Excellence. Billy Crews in Santa Teresa won the ultimate Grand Award if you wish to trek there to enjoy juicy steak, oysters, and succulent lobster or imbibe in one of their 10,925 bottles of vino.

The Santa Fe Farmer’s Market is open Saturdays and Tuesdays, as Vendor Booths remain six feet apart. The Santa Fe School of Cooking continues to have hour long virtual cooking classes with recipes and ingredient lists. Curb side pickup for ingredient purchase options is available. There is food to go and mail order tamales if hungering for that special taste of Santa Fe. Our special locale was recently bestowed a top destination for a women’s getaway. Check out Women of the West Historical Walking Tour ($45 per person) to hear about inspiring women who changed history. Or have a kaleidoscope adventure this fall by viewing the vivid yellow foliage of Aspen trees along the Aspen Vista Trail.

  • At home, with continued refurbishment, Las Brisas has replaced the windows in timeshare Unit 19 and next planned will be Unit 21. We have the portico materials, but stalling has occurred in securing the permit due to city office closures during Covid.
  • Interval International has extended our free basic gold membership until the end of 2022.
  • Our timeshare affiliation with HelloVacay has produced five sales to date and 24 owners have committed to their HotelVacay upscale package.

We would love to hear from you! Will you share your comments, stories, and vacation photos with us? Please send any stories and fun and interesting vacation shots to: and remember to “Like Us” at LasBrisasdeSantaFe on Facebook.

Our Annual Meeting will be held by video conferencing at 10 AM MT on Saturday, November 7. There will be more details forthcoming, but please mark your calendars!

We hope to see you at your home away from home very soon. Do check out Pasatiempo,, to find out what is happening in Santa Fe during your stay. Meanwhile, please stay safe and well.

NEWSLETTER: July 28, 2020

From Judith Graves, Las Brisas Board of Directors President

Dear Las Brisas Family & Friends,

The unprecedented health crisis instantly ruptured the rhythm of Santa Fe. As Las Brisas returns to some semblance of a new normalcy, we are happy to welcome our Santa Fe enthusiasts to experience their favorite venues in our unique destination once again.

Our hearts go out to those affected, medically and financially, by this illness. A loud applause to our Las Brisas de Santa Fe management team for the caring and continuity and to the maintenance and cleaning staff, who make it possible for the rest of us to continue to socially isolate and enjoy our home away from home during this public health crisis.

Since the beginning of the lockdown, there has only been one week of timeshare absentees.

Folks are eager to escape and visit Las Brisas. Most have been driving to Santa Fe to enjoy the fine food, excellent drinks, great hiking trails, and amazing scenery the City Different offers, even for short stays. Santa Fe County, with its endless trails, diverse landscapes, and 320 days of sunshine a year, is an outdoor lover’s paradise. Whether you are looking for a mountain bike trek or strolling through the pinon and juniper trees in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, here are just a few of the best trails for different outdoor enthusiasts: Dale Ball Trail System, a 22 mile network of interconnecting moderate to easy trails with spectacular views and is the quickest way to get to the mountains from 1000 feet below, or the Santa Fe Plaza; Cerrillos Hills State Park Trail, a gentle trail that is dotted with turquoise mine shaft from the late 1800’s; Borrego-Bear Wallow-Windsor Trail, a 4.57 mile loop that weaves through the aspen-fir forest and is great for mountain biking; and Winsor Trail to Lake Katherine, a moderate to difficult 10.1 mile with a 3471 foot climb. Lake Katherine is a must see.

  • Many well-loved Santa Fe Restaurants have re-opened. Patio dining is very popular from Dinner for Two, The Teahouse, Chez Mamou, El Rancho de Chimayo, the Boxcar, Gabriel’s. La Casa Sena, Rooftop Pizzeria, Coyote Cantina, The Bell Tower Bar at La Fonda, Thunderbird, SantaCafe, Il Piatto, TerraCotta Wine Bistro, Osteria D’Assisi, Sassella, El Farol to Restaurant Martin, a few steps away.
  • The Santa Fe School of Cooking has resumed their hands-on cooking classes for small group participation.
  • Events at The Lensic have been postponed to mid-July. Presently, there are many on-line events. Check
  • On the other hand, perhaps your escape just includes enjoying your Las Brisas patio reading a great novel, sipping a cool summer cocktail, or reflecting on how fortunate we really are despite these troubling times.

NOTE: Las Brisas, in an effort to continue to maintain our home away from home, has re-scheduled the window replacement for Unit 19. Materials for the Portico repair have been ordered. The obvious delays were a result of installation and city approval closures during the time of Covid.

We are all looking forward to your return very soon. Please stay safe and well. Below are some important sites for updated information.