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at Las Brisas
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Las Brisas de Santa Fe
Timeshare Sales & Exchange Program
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Unique homes with a sense of continuity over generations. An exceptional value!

Currently, we have a limited number of ownerships available and are selling these selected ownerships for a fraction of the typical retail price. We also have an exciting new option which will allow you to use your ownership much more flexibly and travel to over 3,000 affiliate resorts worldwide. Whether you own with us now, or would like to, call us at 505.982.5795 OR 800.449.6231 or click the appointment button to learn about your new travel options!

LAS BRISAS DE SANTA FE | Association Owned Timeshare Inventory Intervals
October 30, 2020

Summer Float 1 bedroom
Summer Float 2 bedroom
Winter Float 1 bedroom
Summer Float 2 bedroom
Adobe 1, 1 bedroom, 5 fixed weeks (weeks 3-7)
Adobe 2, 2 bedroom, fixed week 15
Adobe 3, 2 bedroom, fixed week 21
Adobe 3, 2 bedroom, 2 fixed weeks (weeks 51-52)

NOTE: This is provided for information purposes only.