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Las Brisas de Santa Fe: Residential Condominium Association

A perfect blend of comfort and charm for your special stay in Santa Fe!
Inside, the condos are quintessential Santa Fe. Throughout, there are warm red saltillo tile floors, high vigas (round beamed) ceilings. A round, inviting kiva fireplace graces the spacious living room/dining room. The condos are beautifully decorated in antiques and Southwest-style furnishings, with an emphasis on comfort.

Las Brisas de Santa Fe is a “sold out” residential condominium association located approximately 8 blocks south of the historic plaza in downtown Santa Fe, New Mexico. It is composed of 29 luxury condominiums, 10 of which are timeshared into 510 intervals of one-week ownership each year running from Saturday at 3:00 p.m. (check in time) until Saturday at 10:00 a.m. (check out time).

The timeshares are affiliated with Resort Condominiums International (RCI). Las Brisas is in very high demand and has a very high exchange value through RCI. Over half of Las Brisas winter (“white”) time exchanges through RCI as summer (“red”) time. Membership in RCI is optional. You have to belong to trade your unit, but not to use it.

The timeshares at Las Brisas are a mixture of fixed intervals and floating intervals (see attached chart). Fixed intervals are those in which you get the same unit and same week each and every year. Floating units come in 4 types: 1 bedroom winter units, 2 bedroom winter units, 1 bedroom summer units, and 2 bedroom summer units. These allow you to choose a unit and a week on a first-come, first-served basis within your particular type. Fixed units ensure that you come to Las Brisas the same time and to the same unit every year. Floating units give you flexibility: perhaps a different time and different unit every year. Both types are deeded, fee simple units. These are owned, not leased.

WELCOME TO Las Brisas de SantaFe—an authentic vacation home nestled in a unique city.

Santa Fe’s perfect weather, lovely Spanish pueblo architecture, marvelous restaurants, colorful festivals not to mention a thriving art scene continue to rank Santafe as one of the world’s top destinations.

We are a small hidden pueblo in the middle of downtown SantaFe, about 8 blocks south of the historical plaza. Las Brisas de SantaFe is a beautiful unique vacation property built in old traditional New Mexican style. Our purpose is to provide you with an authentic experience to refresh your mind, body and soul. Enjoy our old thick adobe walls, hand carved vigas and kiva fireplaces.

We pride ourselves on a warm, casual and personal atmosphere. Whatever you need, our experienced onsite management will make your time spent in our charming fully furnished townhomes, stress free and pleasurable.
Our property is a combination of timeshared and wholly owned units, just a short walk to the historic center of SantaFe. Each unit of timeshare gives you a rare opportunity to own time every year that provides a path into the heart of the City Different. Just a short drive from our location in any direction can provide you with hiking, mountain biking, white water rafting, fly fishing, and skiing.

The Rogers Company
One of the amenities that make Las Brisas special is our onsite management company. The Rogers Company, Inc. has managed condominiums since November 1988 and has been the managing agent of Las Brisas de Santa Fe since January 1995. As managing agent, it operates and manages association business of Las Brisas on behalf of the Owners. In addition, it provides rental and sales services to individual Owners who contract with it for such services.
The Rogers Company is the front door to our property. Not only have they been managing this property for almost 25 years, they actually care about the property and the owners. They have made lifelong friendships, watched children grow up and helped families make invaluable memories for decades. They go out of their way to make your stay pleasant. If you have any special needs, they will do everything they can to help. Elizabeth and April have a infinite supply of knowledge about the SantaFe’s area and activities, and are always willing to share that insider knowledge to anything from the bests consignment stores to the local art scene and restaurants and other activities.
It is the Rogers Company that makes the warm cozy ambiance that is so unique to Las Brisas de Santa Fe.

Available Timeshared Information
Las Brisas has a total of 510 weekly time share intervals, currently only 51 weekly units available for purchase. Just a word about timeshare purchase. When you decide to purchase into the Las Brisas timeshare program you own a piece of our lovely property. So, it is not really about passing through, it is about staying with us year after year. It is not about handing in a key when you check out, it is about keeping the key and handing it down from generation to generation. We are not the type of place that applies a high-pressure sale, nor are we the type of place that tries to collect a large upfront fee to purchase. We are unique in that way. What we have to offer speaks for itself and it is important to us that you WANT to join our family. We understand that you don’t usually marry anyone on a first date, we want you to date us and fall in love with our ambiance, location and beautiful architecture.
1 Bedroom floor plan cost: $675 (divided by 7=$96 a night)
• approximately 1,000 square feet
• fully furnished kitchens
• washer/dryer
• dining area
• living room with Kiva Fireplace
• private patios
• accommodates 2 to 4 people
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2 Bedroom floor plan cost: $932 (divided by 7=$ 133 a night)
• approximately 1,200 square feet
• fully furnished kitchens
• washer/dryer
• dining area
• living room with Kiva Fireplace
• private patios
• accommodates 4 to 6 people
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This one-time fee is payable once a year to the Rogers Company by Jan 31st. The annual fee includes Friday to Friday stay and unit cleaning after departure.
Available Rental Information
In addition to Timeshare sales the The Rogers company also provides rentals opportunities for individual owners of several units. These individual owned units are furnished tastefully by the owners and offer a flexible arrangement of rentals that can be either long term or short term depending upon your needs.
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Las Brisas is a little unusual when compared to other vacation properties. We do not charge a resort fee and in addition to free parking and free Wifi, Las Brisas offers you the advantage of a fully furnished 1- or 2-bedroom unit, complete with a kitchen as well as a washer and dryer. All units also have large screen TVs for your enjoyment and lovely living areas with Kiva fireplaces. The private individual patios provide a pleasant setting to entertain family and guests.
Additional services:
• Pet friendly (hope to have this approved after our August meeting)
• Shuttle service arrangement to airport(s) by onsite staff


Las Brisas de Santa Fe is affiliated with several timeshare exchange programs, so you have the ability to trade your SantaFe’s location to all most anywhere in the world. Should you decide to convert your timeshare to one of the many point programs you would just need to consult with them as to the value of your week and the time of year you wish to make that trade.

Las Brisas was created in 1980 as a new form of living in Santa Fe. The developer refused to cut corners insisting on quality that included what was referred to as Santa Fe charm that included hand carved vigas Mexican tiling and kiva fireplaces.

Back then, as it is now: it was and is an opportunity to build equity in a piece of Santa Fe real estate. The original plans for the compound envisioned 36 timeshared units with 1,800 weekly intervals. Over time this has evolved to our current arrangement of 19 wholly owned units and 10 time share units that comprise 510 weekly intervals.